Author: Sherry

First trip around the sun

Jack’s 1st Birthday is here already!  With the pandemic we haven’t seen him in over 6 months, 6 months!  This Yaya can’t go that long without seeing one of her Grandbabies, and no way were we going to miss his first Birthday!  This Yaya HAD to make his cake! Baking cakes “ on the road” […]

Our COVID Protocols

Covid has hit most small businesses really hard, including ours. It’s been hard to decide what is best, stay open for a little business or turn the ovens off for a little break. So, we are doing both! Winter months like January, February & March are typically slow – we were closed for the month […]

The Bakery

Being a home-based bakery has its pros and cons. It means we can deliver the highest quality, most beautiful, and tastiest dream wedding cakes to you at a reasonable rate. And it also means we’re always at work! Note these instances of our kitchen being taken over by cake/cookie orders! Our bakery comprises the Northeast […]