The Bakery

Being a home-based bakery has its pros and cons. It means we can deliver the highest quality, most beautiful, and tastiest dream wedding cakes to you at a reasonable rate. And it also means we’re always at work! Note these instances of our kitchen being taken over by cake/cookie orders!

Our bakery comprises the Northeast corner of my home. It’s a wonderful space with several ovens, industrial blenders and sinks! When brides visit for their appointment and tasting they get a behind the scenes look at where their cake is made as well! For brides, you may visit the bakery anywhere from 0-2 times. If you book an appointment and tasting with us, that will be your first visit. You shouldn’t need to visit the bakery at all during wedding week as we take care of delivery and set up. Then typically a member of the brides family returns any cake equipment, stands and decor, that was used as part of your setup in the days following the wedding.

For Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation, pickup is right here where your cakes are made!

For everyone visiting the bakery, be sure to pull all the way in the driveway and enter the side stairs which lead directly and exclusively to the bakery.

Yes, we actually had our house built to have a special bakery entrance! That’s how much we love our clients!

We hope to see you for a pickup soon!