First trip around the sun

Jack’s 1st Birthday is here already!  With the pandemic we haven’t seen him in over 6 months, 6 months!  This Yaya can’t go that long without seeing one of her Grandbabies, and no way were we going to miss his first Birthday!  This Yaya HAD to make his cake!

Baking cakes “ on the road” proves to be more challenging than just going into the bakery and getting it done.  Having to think through the entire process and trying to remember everything that I would need, caused several trips back to the bakery.  Multiple pans, plates, tools, rolling pins, recipes, frosting bags, tips, and buckets of colored fondant proved this old lady needs to write things down!  After the multiple trips, the boxes were packed, loaded and ready for travel – 638 miles- 10 hours, Let’s do this!

Jack and I talked at length about his cake.  He gave me his thoughts, and I listened intently… A space theme cake to commemorate his “ First Trip around the Sun”

Baking outside the bakery has many challenges and variables.  For one specifically the oven, (I have been spoiled by the multiple ovens at the bakeryJ)
Beth has one oven, not convection, and temperatures and baking times vary from oven to oven. It took longer to bake all the cakes than it would have at the bakery, but I was needed for several cuddles along the way, and I will stop everything for one of Jack Jack’s  cuddles.

Frosting and decorating went well, although again, I missed Sherry’s help and input.  She does All the frosting( I stink at that, It’s a true art) and I do the fondant work- We’re a good teamJ  Thank goodness Jack’s smash cake was a small moon, it can be a “crappy” frosting job and still look” appropriate” lol

Although it was labor intensive for one, missing my partner, it was a labor of Love for our little Jack Jack.

Yaya left a little hidden message on his cake that no one knew about until now I guess- Jack, you will always have my heart <3

Happy First Birthday Jack!

Our COVID Protocols

Covid has hit most small businesses really hard, including ours. It’s been hard to decide what is best, stay open for a little business or turn the ovens off for a little break. So, we are doing both! Winter months like January, February & March are typically slow – we were closed for the month of January, now we are opening up for Valentine’s day cookies & March is to be determined.

What we’re doing on our end. Always wearing MASKS while working & you can imagine, it does get warm opening the ovens. I feel bad for pizza makers.

Any orders picked up are SELF SERVICE, no contact in the bakery & again, MASK REQUIRED. I’m wiping down the door handles as much as possible, not much else is touched & my guess is that each client is finished with their own pick up in approximately 1 minute.

We also have a ton of cleaning supplies to disinfect surfaces. And, seriously, don’t we have the cutest cupcake theme masks ever!

The Bakery

Being a home-based bakery has its pros and cons. It means we can deliver the highest quality, most beautiful, and tastiest dream wedding cakes to you at a reasonable rate. And it also means we’re always at work! Note these instances of our kitchen being taken over by cake/cookie orders!

Our bakery comprises the Northeast corner of my home. It’s a wonderful space with several ovens, industrial blenders and sinks! When brides visit for their appointment and tasting they get a behind the scenes look at where their cake is made as well! For brides, you may visit the bakery anywhere from 0-2 times. If you book an appointment and tasting with us, that will be your first visit. You shouldn’t need to visit the bakery at all during wedding week as we take care of delivery and set up. Then typically a member of the brides family returns any cake equipment, stands and decor, that was used as part of your setup in the days following the wedding.

For Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation, pickup is right here where your cakes are made!

For everyone visiting the bakery, be sure to pull all the way in the driveway and enter the side stairs which lead directly and exclusively to the bakery.

Yes, we actually had our house built to have a special bakery entrance! That’s how much we love our clients!

We hope to see you for a pickup soon!