First trip around the sun

Jack’s 1st Birthday is here already!  With the pandemic we haven’t seen him in over 6 months, 6 months!  This Yaya can’t go that long without seeing one of her Grandbabies, and no way were we going to miss his first Birthday!  This Yaya HAD to make his cake!

Baking cakes “ on the road” proves to be more challenging than just going into the bakery and getting it done.  Having to think through the entire process and trying to remember everything that I would need, caused several trips back to the bakery.  Multiple pans, plates, tools, rolling pins, recipes, frosting bags, tips, and buckets of colored fondant proved this old lady needs to write things down!  After the multiple trips, the boxes were packed, loaded and ready for travel – 638 miles- 10 hours, Let’s do this!

Jack and I talked at length about his cake.  He gave me his thoughts, and I listened intently… A space theme cake to commemorate his “ First Trip around the Sun”

Baking outside the bakery has many challenges and variables.  For one specifically the oven, (I have been spoiled by the multiple ovens at the bakeryJ)
Beth has one oven, not convection, and temperatures and baking times vary from oven to oven. It took longer to bake all the cakes than it would have at the bakery, but I was needed for several cuddles along the way, and I will stop everything for one of Jack Jack’s  cuddles.

Frosting and decorating went well, although again, I missed Sherry’s help and input.  She does All the frosting( I stink at that, It’s a true art) and I do the fondant work- We’re a good teamJ  Thank goodness Jack’s smash cake was a small moon, it can be a “crappy” frosting job and still look” appropriate” lol

Although it was labor intensive for one, missing my partner, it was a labor of Love for our little Jack Jack.

Yaya left a little hidden message on his cake that no one knew about until now I guess- Jack, you will always have my heart <3

Happy First Birthday Jack!